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Andrzej Kasprzak

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Andrzej Kasprzak

Graphic artist, painter and sculptor. Born in 1963 in Gliwice in Poland. Studied at the Fine Art Academy in Cracow /the Katowice branch/ in Poland. Diploma of Master of Art in 1988.

Scholarship of Independent Culture Committee of Silesian for artistic debut in 1988, Katowice /Poland/. Creative scholarship of the Polish Ministry of Culture and Art in 1989, 1999, Warsaw /Poland/. Scholarship of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Inc. in 1994, New York / U.S.A./. Creative scholarship in Frans Masereel Center in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2005, Kasterlee /Belgium/.

Individual exhibitions:
1986 “P” Gallery – The Silesian Museum; Katowice /Poland/
1988 “Fra Angelico” Gallery – Archidiocesian Museum; Katowice
Modern Art Gallery “BWA”; Katowice /Poland/
1989 “Uni Art” Gallery – Elbląg; /Poland/
1990 Modern Art Gallery “BWA No 4”; Krakow /Poland/
Modern Art Gallery “SBWA –Test”; Warsaw /Poland/
1991 “R. Zorzycki” Gallery; Dortmund /Germany/
1992 „Kunst Kabinett Hespert“; Reishof-Hespert /Germany/
„R. Zorzycki“ Gallery; Dortmund /Germany/
„Kirche No 10“ Gallery; Mainz /Germany/
“T`Zand” Gallery; Lille /Belgium/
“S. Daems” Gallery; Berlaar /Belgium/
1994 “Old Comet” Gallery; Lier /Belgium/
“Rombach Scheuer” Gallery; Staufen /Germany/
„Epreuve d` Artiste“ Gallery; Antwerp /Belgium/
1995 “Art nova” Gallery”; Katowice /Poland/
1996 “J.Fejkiel” Gallery; Krakow /Poland/
„Garbary 48” Gallery; Poznan /Poland/
„In the Hall City” Gallery; Gliwice /Poland/
“Hof ten` Doyer”;Nederzwalm /Belgium/
1997 „ Dessers“ Gallery; Hasselt /Belgium/
„Frans Masereel Center“; Kasterlee /Belgium/
„Dessers- Beeck“ Gallery; Keerbergen /Belgium/
1998 „The Davidson“ Galleries; Seattle /USA/
1999 “Dessers-Beeck” Gallery; Keerbergen /Belgium/
“Szymon” Gallery; Antwerpen /Belgium/
2000 “ Dessers” Gallery; Hasselt /Belgium/
“John Deckers” Gallery; Sittard /Holland/
“Avec” Gallery; Bordeaux /France/
2001 “The Graphic Art and Poster” Gallery; Warsaw /Poland/
“Ornament” Gallery; Krakow /Poland/
“11 Nissen” Gallery; Leuven /Belgium/
“Rothamel” Gallery and Comerzbank; Erfurt /Germany/
“Dessers” Gallery; Hasselt /Belgium/
2002 “Dessers-Beeck” Gallery; Keerbergen /Belgium/
“Szymon” Gallery; Antwerpen /Belgium/
“Avec” Gallery; Bordeaux /France/
2003 “Epreuve d` Artiste” Gallery; Antwerpen /Belgium/
“Sukiennice” Gallery; Krakow /Poland/
„Pictor” Gallery; Mainz /Germany/
2004 “Rasmus” Gallery; Copenhagen /Denmark/
„Kathrin Lorenz“ Gallery; Erfurt /Germany/
Sonderborg Art Foundation, Sonderborg /Denmark/
„Szymon“ Gallery; Antwerpen /Belgium/
2005 „M. Kluckert“ Gallery; Staufen/Germany
„Kunstraum Konigswinter“; Konigswinter /Germany/
Galerie „Vent d` Est“; Bordeuax /France/
2006 Galerie „Vent d` Est“; Bordeaux /France/
Sonderborg Art Foundation; Sonderborg /Denmark/
2007 Galerie „Vent d`Est“; Bordeaux /France/
Galerie „Dessers“; Leuven /Belgium/
Gallery „Envie d`Art“; London / G.B./
2008 Galerie „Vent d`Est“ Bordeaux /France/
Galerie „Prisma“; Wien /Austria/
Galerie „Dessers“; Hasselt /Belgium/
2009 Sonderborg Kunst Foreningen, Sonderborg /Denmark/
Galerie“Rasmus“, Skagen /Denmark/
Galerie Marianne Sajdik „WienBerlin Salon“, Berlin /Germany/
2010 Gallery „Prisma“, Wien /Austria/
Gallery „Rasmus“, Skagen /Denmark/
Gallery ‚Vent d`Est“, Bordeaux /France/
Gallery „Rasmus“ Copenhagen /Denmark/
Gallery Szymon, Zoersel-St. Antonius /Belgium/
2011 „ W. Bethge“ Gallery, Erfurt /Germany/
Sonderborg Kunst Forening, Sonderborg /Denmark/
2012 Gallery Rasmus; Skagen /Denmark/
Kunst Forening Kjellerup /Denmark/
Gallery Simon, Zoersel-St. Antonius /Belgium/
2013 Kunst Foreningen Sonderborg, Sonderborg /Denmark/
Gallery Rasmus, Skagen /Denmark/
Gallery De Bernardi, Aachen /Germany/
2014 Galerie Simon, Zoersel-St. Antonius /Belgium/
2015 Galerie Rasmus, Copenhagen /Denmark/
Galerie Gabriel, Vienna /Austria/
2016 W,Bethge Gallery, Erfurt /Germany/
DNA Gallery, Wrocław /Poland/
Gallery Zamek, Sucha Beskidzka /Poland/
2017 City Muzeum of Wadowice, Wadowice /Poland/
2018 Museum of History City Katowice, Katowice /Poland/
Gallery M, Wrocław /Poland/
2019 W. Bethge Gallery, Erfurt /Germany/
2020 Gallery Trembacka 4, Warsaw /Poland/
2021 Gallery M, Wrocław /Poland/
2022 Bonk Art Gallery, Ingolstadt /Germany/

Awards and Mentions
1987 Polish-Finnish Marine Art Competition, /Mention/; Gdansk
1988 Polish –French Poster Competition: Printemps Culturel du Valenciennois,
/II Award/; Valenciennes /France/
1989 IV World Miniature Art Exhibition,/Mention/; Toronto/Canada/
1990 I International Small Graphic Art Triennal, / Mention/; Riga
1991 II International Small Graphic Art Triennal,/Mention/;
Chamalieres /France/
1998 IV International Graphic Art Triennal /Award/; Ourense

/all –Poland/:
1985 10th All-Poland Students Graphic Art Competition,
/III Award/; Krakow /Poland/
1986 I All-Poland Graphic Art Biennal „In the face of value“,
/II Award/; Katowice/Poland/
1987 11th All-Poland Students Graphic Art Competition, /Mention/; Krakow /Poland/
1988 II All-Poland Graphic Art Biennal „In the face of value“,
/II Award/; Katowice /Poland/
1989 All –Poland Painting Competition „R. Pomorski“, /Mention/; Katowice /Poland/
1991 12 All-Poland Graphic Art Competition, /Mention/;
Lodz /Poland/

Participation in International Graphic Art Competition
Ljubljana 1989 /Jugoslavia/, Frechen 1990 /Germany/, Vaasa 1990/Finnland/, „Cuprum“ Lubin 1989, 1991 /Poland/, Riga 1990
/Latvia/, Cadaques-Barcelona 1990, 1993 /Spain/,
Chamalieres 1991 /France/, MTG-Krakow 1991, Baltic Art Triennal 1992, 1995, Intergrafia-Katowice 2000, MFG-Lodz 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999/Poland/, World Graphic Art Triennal-Mastricht 1990
/Holland/, Bitola 1994 /Macedonia/, Sint-Niklas 1995 /Belgium/, Ibiza 1996, Ourense 1998, 2000 /Spain/.

Participation in International Art Fairs :
SAGA – Paris 1992 /France/, LINEART – Gent 1992, 1994, 1998
/Belgium/, AFAG – Augsburg 1993 / Germany/, ART MULTIPLE – Dusseldorf 1993 / Germany/, I.B.F. – Frankfurt/Men 1992, 1993
/Germany/, Herning Art Fair - Herning 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010
/Denmark/,Copenhagen Art Fair-Copenhagen 2004, 2008, 2010
/Denmark/, Hamburg Art Fair 2019, 2021, 2022/Germany/

Participation in near 120 international collective exhibitions
in Belgium, France, U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Holland, Japan,
Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Egypt, Finnland, Poland.

Works in national and public collections in:
National Museum in Gdansk /Poland/, Silesian Museum in Katowice /Poland/, Del Bello Gallery in Toronto /Canada/, Centaur Gallery in London / G.Britain/, The Polish Museum of America in Chicago / U.S.A./, I.G.C.P. Gallery in Philadelphia /U.S.A./, Tama Art University in Tokyo /Japan/, Frans Masereel Center Collection in Kasterlee /Belgium/, Memory Art Collection in Brussels /Belgium/, Artoteque of Museum in Chambery /France/, Taler Fort
Gallery in Barcelon /Spain/, Young Art Museum in Frankfurt /Oder /Germany/, Modern Graphic Art Museum in Giza /Egypt/, The Brzezinski Collection /USA/, The Gutenberg Museum in Mainz
/Germany/, National Museum in Antwerpen /Belgium/, Comerzbank Collection in Erfurt /Germany/, Cremona Civic Museum
/Italy/, Cimarron-Verlag in Frankfurt/Main /Germany/,
etc. and in many private collections all over the world.